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Fluorescence and phosphorescence 0

Fluorescence and phosphorescence

When an electron absorbs a high energy photon, excitation can occur across several energy levels On de-excitation, the atomic electron makes several smaller steps back to ground state Hence, these steps result in the...

X-rays 0


Production: A heated cathode produces electrons These electrons are accelerated by a high voltage towards a metal target Upon collision, these electrons are decelerated and hence emit EMR in the form of x-rays AKA...

Photoelectric effect 0

Photoelectric effect

1887 – Heinrich Hertz discovered when light of a certain frequency on a metallic surface, electrons are emitted If the light does not have a high enough frequency, no electrons are emitted no matter...

Energy levels and spectra 0

Energy levels and spectra

Bohr’s model of an atom Atoms consist of a positive nucleus surrounded by electrons The electrons can only exist in specific energy levels; there no levels in between When a photon at the correct...

Electromagnetic radiation 0

Electromagnetic radiation

A form of energy emitted and absorbed by accelerating charge EMR has both electric and magnetic field components, which are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of propagation EMR is self-propagating and...

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