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Accountability of Parliament 0

Accountability of Parliament

Summary Elections Рthe ultimate way Parliament is held to account (effective, but limited) Privileges committee (somewhat effective) Legislative committees (effective) Standing orders (effective, but Speaker partisan) The courts (judicial review) (effective, but rare etc.)...

Accountability of the Governor-General 1

Accountability of the Governor-General

The 1975 Constitutional Crises, Kerr, Hollingworth and the Republic debate. Summary: Accountable to PM (Hollingworth, Kerr) Queen (Kerr, re. Scholes) In a sense, the general public and media (Hollingworth) The Governor-General ROLES Constitutional role:...

Democratic principles 0

Democratic principles

The ways in which Australia, and one other country, can both uphold and/or undermine democratic principles with reference to: Representation Free and fair elections Broad franchise Broad selection of candidates Multi-party system Majoritarian decision making...

Definitions – accountability and governance 0

Definitions – accountability and governance

Democracy A system of government where the people are able to vote for (and participate in) the government. Features of a democracy include free and fair regular elections, and the rule of law. Australia...

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