SOSE Study Tips

Perhaps the most important study tip is names, dates, facts and stats. These, along with quotes, should be the focus of your revision. After you have revised the main topics, research facts, stats and quotes that support your argument and help explain the topic.

This gives more credibility to your answers, and shows the marker that experts support what you say. This is especially important in essays and extended responses, but is equally as useful in short answers. By reading other people’s opinions, it adds another layer of depth to your answers, making them more sophisticated.

Read the newspapers to see current events: stock market crashes, election results, bankruptcies, natural disasters. The top students always relate their essays to current events, so your revision should focus on that.

This will help you better understand the concepts in SOSE. There’s no point in learning about society and environment if you don’t learn about how it applies today.

However, make sure you form your own opinions about topics and know how to answer questions in your own words. You shouldn’t use these as complete answers, but as part of your overall solution.

Thus, it is a very good idea to study in small groups. SOSE subjects are usually easier to study in company as you can bounce off ideas from each other and ask for their perspective on a certain topic or their definition of a term.

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