WACE Language Bonus

One of the most common questions I hear regarding the ATAR process is how the languages bonus works. There is quite a bit of confusion as to how it applies, so here are the main points.

If you do a Language Other Than English (LOTE) course, you are eligible for bonus points added to your TEA. (Don’t know what a TEA is? Click here .)

The bonus is only added if you apply for a course at Curtin, ECU, Murdoch or UWA.

10% of your final scaled mark in a LOTE subject will be added to your TEA. Your new TEA is used to calculate a new ATAR and that new ATAR is used by participating universities to determine admission.

This bonus applies even if the LOTE subject is not in your top four WACE courses.

If you study more than one LOTE course, only the highest subject score is used.

This UWA website explains it very clearly.

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