How to Answer Questions 1

My Politics and Law teacher always said that

The most important thing in Year 11 is not the content, but that you learn how to answer the question.

So I thought I would share his advice. I know these tips may seem like just common sense, but not many people actually apply them.

Maths/Science (Equations)

Show all your working. Questions worth more than 2 marks need workings to be awarded full marks.
• Show your working clearly and neatly. A friend answered a question correctly, but it was all over the page and the teacher could not decipher it, receiving 0 out of 6 marks.
• Even if you can’t work out how to do the question, try it. You may get some marks for your working.
List all your variables, and write the equation you will use before substituting. Again, this may earn you some marks when you don’t have a clue.
Make sure your units are correct, and your answer is to the correct degree of accuracy (significant figures, decimal points).
Underline your final answer and make it obvious to the marker.

Click here for the short answer questions.

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