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The best way to study maths, unfortunately, is practising. This will help ingrain the formulae and processes, but can sometimes be boring. My advice is to use diagrams and bright colours to make it more interesting.

Maths concepts and ideas are sometimes hard to understand just on paper. For example, when I was learning differentiation and integration, I found it difficult to cope with until I drew examples on graphs and made it look pretty.

There may be key concepts in maths that are a particular weakness for you, perhaps geometry or probability. This means you need to practise these concepts more, and perhaps organise your teacher for some extra help with these topics.

However, simply following what the teacher does on the board doesn’t mean you understand the concept. You have to be able to do an example by yourself to really show that you understand. This is why homework is so important in maths; it helps you to find out what you are good and what you aren’t, and ask for appropriate help.

As the Chinese proverb goes,

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”.

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