The Wind – A Poem

The wind beckons to the leaves

It promises an exhilarating ride

Away from the boredom of the eaves

An exit to adventure, it provides

The wind coaxes the leaves

Proselytising, enticing, alluring

The leaves see what they perceive:

 The adventure that they’re assuring

The wind persuades the leaves

To disregard the mother tree

Who called the wind lying thieves,

The adventure: they disagree

The wind captivates the leaves

They want to go on the journey

They struggle and fight to be free

To partake in the adventurous escape

The wind pulled the leaves

The leaves pulled at the twigs

The twigs held on to the branches

The branches held on to the tree

The wind tore them out of their grasp

It was too strong for the tree

The leaves fly out to be free

Out of their parents’ clasp

The wind freed them at last

Twirling, spinning, dancing in the breeze

They gathered together en masse

But stood despairing were the trees

The wind snatched the leaves

On a journey of adventure

It took them for a wild ride

But they were never seen again

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