Faraday’s Law

  • When the magnetic flux through a coil changes with time, an EMF is generated within the coil.
  • This EMF creates a current, which in turn produces a magnetic flux which opposes the changes to the original flux. (Lenz’s Law).

If the magnetic flux changes over time, then the average EMF produced is:

farady's law

Faraday’s Law for moving conductors

  • When a straight conductor is moved through a magnetic field, an EMF is produced between its ends.
  • The conductor must cut through field lines
  • Max EMF occurs when it moves perpendicular to the field

EMF = lvb

  • l = length of conductor
  • B = magnetic flux density
  • v = velocity of the conductor

If flux is at an angle, EMF = lvB sinθ where θ = angle the conductor makes with the flux



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