Eddy currents

  • Are electric currents induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field
  • The greater the electrical conductivity, the stronger the current.


  • The circulating current then produces its own magnetic field which opposes the changes
  • The faster the change, and the greater the change, the greater the eddy current
  • Eddy currents produce heat (because of resistance)
  • This heat is usually unwanted, as it reduces efficiency


  • However, it can be used for induction heating
  • These forces are often used for levitation, movement and braking effect

How to reduce eddy currents

  • Use a less electrically conductive material
  • Disrupt the current by
    • Cutting slots into the conductor
    • Laminating the conductor (cutting it into small, thin pieces, then gluing it together using a non-conductor)



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