Relevant cases and examples – the Courts

Negligence – accept and do nothing

  • Donoghue v. Stevenson (1932)
  • Grant v. Australian Knitting Mills (1936)

Negligent Advice – reversal

  • Byrne v. Heller (1964)
  • Shaddock v. Parramatta City Council (1981)
  • Norris v. Sibberas (1990) (Note: SC reversed DC)

Negligent Animals – disapproval – Parl legis against

  • Searle v. Wallbank (1947)
  • Brisbane v. Cross (1978)
  • State Government Insurance Commission v. Trigwell (1979) (Disapproved)
  • Wrongs (Animals Straying on Highways) Act 1984

Legal Privilege – overruling

  • O’Reilly v. Commissioner of the State Bank (1982)
  • Baker v. Campbell (1983) (Overturned)

No example for distinguishing

Native Title – Parl accepted decision and legislated for

  • R v. Murrell (1834)Terra Nullius
  • Gove (Milirrpum v. Nabalco Pty Ltd ) (1971)Upheld
  • Koowarta v. Bjelke-Petersen (1982) — Right to lease land
  • Mabo v. Queensland (1992)TN overturned, Native Title established
  • Native Title Act (1993)Non-freehold, non-recreational
  • Wik v. Queensland (1996)leaseholders vs. native title, established that leasehold did not mean native title extinguished
  • Native Title Amendment Act (1998)legislated so that leaseholders take precedence against native title claims

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