Oversight bodies

Australian National Audit Office

Ian McPhee – Auditor-General. Appointed for a single term of 10 years – this tenure ensures that the job is apolitical, and the Auditor-General is able to give frank and fearless reports.

  • National auditor for Parliament and Government
  • Reports directly to Parliament, on any matter considered important
  • Includes auditing financial statements┬áin Parl and Gov’t
  • Also performance audits on government departments
  • Improves public administration
  • Prescribed in the Auditor General Act 1997

Therefore, holds Parliament and the Exec to account through audits and reports.

The ANAO is currently holding a performance audit of the AEC following the 2013 Federal Election.

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

Andrew Southcott – Chair

  • Directly related to the Auditor General
  • Oversight of the Parliamentary Budget Office
  • Examines accounts of Parliament
  • Examines AG’s report and makes recommendations
  • Tables and commissions performance and financial audits (especially for the expenditure of the Exec)
  • Focusses also on public administration, and whether the bureaucracy is effective in carrying out its duties

Ensures processes are adequate and programs delivered effectively.

Larger focus on performance rather than finance.

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