Comparison with Fiji

A non-democratic country

Note: Fiji was undemocratic following the 2006 military coup led by Bainimarama, endorsed by the President Iloilo. However, following the recent September 2014 elections, Bainimarama has been sworn in as legitimate PM.

  • NOT party to ICCPR and ICESCR, but ratified many others e.g. Rights of the Child, Against Racism
  • Fiji has a constitutional Bill of rights but was abrogated along with the rest of the Constitution in 2009 after the Fijian Court of Appeal declared the military coup unlawful.
  • Note that President Iloilo then suspended the Court of Appeal and dismissed all of its sitting judges, appointing his own. He then deported some of the judges, including the President of the Court.


  • Fiji’s Human Rights Commission declared that, whilst they supported the President in the suspension of the 1997 Constitution, they would continue as if the Bill of Rights part was still in effect. However, the Commission no longer has any legal authority.


Fiji’s rights violations include denying its citizens the right to vote and participate in the political system, freedom of assembly, press, religion etc.

Also documented is Fiji’s abuses against the Indian minority.

Note that Fiji is a major contributor of troops to UN peacekeeping missions ….




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