Council of Australian Governments

  • Council of Australian Governments – meeting of PM, Premiers, Chief Ministers and the President of the ALGA
  • Established in 1992 by Keating
  • Role: to initiate, develop and monitor the implementation of policy reforms that are of national significance and which require cooperative action by Australian governments.
  • Appears to be cooperative, but sceptics say that it provides the perfect opportunity for the PM to coerce the States
  • Is a part of cooperative federalism
  • Meets on an as needed basis
  • When agreements are reached, they are termed IGAs or National Agreements

Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations

  • A framework on the Commonwealth’s financial relations with the States
  • Reduces C’th prescriptions on service delivery
  • Increased flexibility on the part of the States to use the finances
  • Reduces the amount of SPPsĀ and SPGs to 5





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