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Subject Tips

Everyone knows that each subject is different, with its own content and quirks. Chemistry, for example, differs greatly from Modern History, and both of them are vastly different to Materials, Design and Tech. So...

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Power and Prejudice

Whilst I was umpiring a volleyball competition, I was accused by the other team of being biased against them. The issue revolved around one tiny thing: that a server stepped over the line. I...

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The Wind – A Poem

The wind beckons to the leaves It promises an exhilarating ride Away from the boredom of the eaves An exit to adventure, it provides The wind coaxes the leaves Proselytising, enticing, alluring The leaves...

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Vivere, Scrivere, Morire – An Autobiography

A single, clear Voice was heard over the excited chatter: “You may begin.” We picked up our tools, and began our hour-long massacre. With every sweep of my weapon, I carved vast canyons in...

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The Wrong Test – An Award-Winning Short Story

He became aware of rustling sounds. Scratching, searching, like a rat scavenging in a rubbish dump. A smell… the stench of human waste was suffocating. He tried opening his eyes. Nothing. Frozen together… God...

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