Frankenstein: Some Notes


  • Stuck in the Arctic Ocean, in quest for knowledge
  • Is similar to the Rime (trapped ship, arrogance in defying nature, Antarctica)
  • The Mariner is doomed to wander the seas and warn all those he comes across
  • Frankenstein warns Walton
  • Walton turns back
  • Romantic theme (sublime nature, surrounded by ice)

Narrative point of view

  • Walton’s letters –> Frankenstein –> the Creature –> Felix
  • Framed, epistolary, apologia
  • 3rd person narrator
  • Omniscient
  • “penetrate the secrets of nature”

Epigraph – illuminate important aspects of the story “Did I request thee, maker, from my clay to mold me man? Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?” Paradise Lost, Milton

Subtitle – the Modern Prometheus



  • As God, Creator
  • Supplants/usurps natural creator
  • Curious, like Prometheus, and hungers for glory
  • Abandons his creation (contrast with God)
  • Tyrant?

The Monster:

  • As Adam/Fallen Angel
  • Rejected by creator but not destroyed
  • Rebelled against Creator with reason
  • ‘Misery has made me a fiend’
  • Contrasts Frank’s treatment of the Monster
  • Dualistic nature: Adam v Satan
  • Satan jealous of Adam?


  • Very similar to Frankenstein
  • Turns back, heeding advice
  • Learns from Frank’s mistakes
  • Explorer






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