Organic molecules are able to combine to form very long chains

A repeating unit is called a monomer, and are the molecules which make up the polymer.

Addition polymers

  • Occur under high temperature and pressure
  • Double bonds in monomers “flick out” to connect two molecules.
  • Formed by the rearrangement of double bonds

addition polymer

 Condensation polymers

  • Occur when a dialcohol combines with a dicarboxylic acid (hence forming an ester)
  • Or when a monomer containing an alcohol and a carboxylic acid bonds with another of the same molecule
  • This type is called a polyester
  • Water is formed

condensation polymer


  • Special type of condensation polymer
  • Water is also formed
  • Occurs when COOH group bonds with NH2 group.
  • Bond formed is called peptide or amide bond.

peptide formation


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